The state of West Virginia has recently changed their gambling laws to allow for more casino gambling. The oversight of this type of activity is extremely important to ensure that all operations are running within the law.

Alcohol is another area that needs heavy regulation. Bars and other destinations that offer liquor can sometimes veer off track creating a need for strict oversight. The governor wants to combine these two duties.

Governor Joe Manchin is proposing a Bill that would place the duties of liquor and gambling regulations in the hands of the newly formed State Gaming and Alcohol Control Commission. The group already exists, but it is currently named the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

What the governor is proposing is eliminating the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, which currently regulates all liquor sold in the state. They would be replaced by the aforementioned new group that would take over the liquor regulation duties.

The new Commission would also take over the duties of the Racing Commission, which is now in charge of regulating all gambling operations. The new agency would be headed by the Lottery Commission director.

The plan is still in its early stages and there are some lawmakers who are not sold on the idea. The opposition believes it would be difficult for one agency to handle both the liquor and gambling regulations.

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