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David Sneath spent his April Fool’s Day with perhaps the oldest trick in the book. Calling family members and telling them that he won the Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

Being that it was April Fool’s Day, the reaction was pretty much the same no matter which of his family was on the phone. “I called my sister, she didn’t believe me. I called my daughter, she thought I was nuts,” said Sneath.

After he convinced them that he was a winner, he probably told them something else. He was quitting his job immediately, which he did on Thursday.

He did not forget his friends at the ford Motor Plant where he worked, however. Four of his co-workers and Sneath used to all chip in money and buy lottery tickets. The five of them never won. The ticket he won with on Tuesday was not purchased by the group, but by his son, under Sneath’s direction.

What he did next is an honorable gesture. He will be giving all four of his lottery crew $1 million each. That will be a nice parting gift for his ex co-workers to remember him by.

As for himself, he plans on buying himself a cottage, and maybe purchasing a new car. It will not be a Ford. “I worked for Ford Motor Company. I won’t be buying a Ford product,” he said.

Nevada Casino Tax Hike Seems Inevitable After Latest Court Ruling

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Nevada casinos have been getting by paying only 6.75 percent tax, but the days of those rates appear to be numbered. Several groups are lobbying for higher tax rates for the casinos.

A ruling has come down from a Carson City District Court that said that a proposed referendum to raise the taxes, is indeed, valid. The referendum was being challenged by the Nevada Resort Association. They were claiming the ballot initiative violated state law.

Anything that would make the casinos, who are making millions of dollars, pay more in taxes, was surely to be challenged by the Association.

The sponsors of the initiative may now proceed with collecting signatures. If enough signatures are accumulated, the initiative will make the November ballot.

The initiative is asking to raise taxes on casino winnings from its current rate of 6.75, to 9.75. The Nevada State Education Association has recently thrown their support behind the ballot initiative.

While it is still a ways off, the tax increase could kick in, if approved by voters, in 2011. It would have to be approved in both this years ballot, and also on the 2010 ballot.

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