Some people find themselves losing their grip on themselves whenever they are gambling. Thinking that they can get money quickly, they gamble more money than what is necessary, and if they have lost, they would gamble some more, hoping against hope that they can recover the amount that they had lost. Gambling is not for those who lack self control and discipline. You should not turn to gambling as a source of income, except if you are way good at it.

The bets that you place whenever you gamble is only to make the game more interesting. To avoid losing all the money that you have, you should also strategize. If you do not want go bankrupt and become the laughingstock of those around you, then you have to learn how to control your gambling urges.

Set a limit in terms of money and let this limit stop you when you are already about to reach your boundaries. Once you have set that limit, be careful so as not to overstep. When you try to overstep that limit, even just once, you will do it again and again. Next thing you know, you are begging people for food. Also, you should not bet money which you cannot afford to lose.

If what you have on hand is money that is to be paid for your rent, or for the mortgage, then you should not use it to bet on online slots. If you lose that money, you would be in even more worse situation because you will have to find another source to cover for the expense that the money you lost was supposed to cover for.

If you are a poor poker player, do not continue playing poker and lose your money on it. Always remember that gambling is a game of chance, and 50 percent of the time, you will lose. So, if poker is not your game, go play some other game which you are good at.

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