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Steve Geller is the minority leader in the Florida Senate and he is suggesting that expanded casino gambling throughout the state could be the answer to help balance the state budget.

Legislators in Florida were upset with the fact that Governor Charlie Crist negotiated a compact with the Seminole Indians without their input. Instead of going along with the compact for the good of the state, they fought against its existence.

They won their battle in the state Supreme Court, and they received their wish which was to void the compact. Now, some of those same politicians are coming out in favor of expanded gambling.

Geller is suggesting that the Seminoles be allowed to keep their expanded forms of gambling, and that is not all. He also believes that the pari-mutuels in Broward and Miami-Dade should be able to offer the same games as the Seminoles, only at a higher tax rate.

Geller also is pushing the idea of authorizing Class II video lottery terminals throughout the state if local voters approved the measure. This would ensure that all of these gambling facilities stay in business in these tough economic times.

Local residents in Broward County are mad that there has not yet been an agreement. “These legislators, they fought so hard to overturn the compact, and now they want to expand gambling everywhere. All that politics has become is a power struggle. If they just left things alone with the compact, the state would have gotten plenty of money from the Seminoles. They just want to be the heroes,” said Tom Gillespie of South Florida.

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