If You’re Taking Mirapex You Might Need To Be Told About These Unwelcome Complications

What Mirapex does is to increase the levels of dopamine within the brain in order to promote a rather more balanced behaviour pattern. The drug can also control the physical sides of the disease.

According to the US Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) 230 folk have stepped forward to say that they have developed gambling obsessions after taking the drug. A Toronto based legal company has already filed a class action court action against the company and many other are looking to follow suit.

Other sufferers have shared similar tales stating that they have experienced uncontrollable urges which have ended in bankruptcy, broken marriages and a whole array of other cognitive Problems. One such case was of a 68 years old man who flitted away over $200,000 at casinos within a six month period. Another case was a 41 yearold male who lost $5,000 on web betting in a five week period. Inevitably the urges to want to gamble tend to go down once the drug is withdrawn.

Due to these and lots of other cases the Firm have now placed cautions on the packaging to the effect that the drug may lead to complications including compulsive behavior like pathological betting and increased sexual activity.

Clearly this can be extremely nerve-wrangling for the victims who were taking the drug under the knowledge that it was supposed to make it simpler for them to function on a day by day basis, while in a few cases it ended up being the catalyst in the failure of the victim’s wedding and the loss of thousands of greenbacks. If you should happen to feel you are faced with the same situation and have been prescribed Mirapex by your consultant, then it is imperative that you contact a bunch of skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who can help. There are class action cases going on now, so give them a call today.

Are you taking Mirapex? An injury lawyer like the skilled injury attorneys in Los Angeles will help you to understand the side effects of using Mirapex. Read on the article of Sienna Cockle about this issue.

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