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Voters in the state of Missouri decided to expand gambling in the state in the November election. When expanded gambling happens in an area, there is always the hope that treatment for problem gambling will be expanded as well.

This week, the opposite was set to take place in Missouri. Republican lawmaker David Sater, the Chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on Health and Social services, stripped away money that was supposed to go towards a problem gambling counseling program.

On Thursday, lawmakers alleviated the potential problem by restoring the funds to the program. The program will receive the previously appropriated $499,745, according to the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Mental Health Department.

Sater had been on record as saying that the money needed to go to more important social needs. That statement created quite a stir among counselors who deal with problem gamblers on a daily basis.

By Thursday, lawmakers had heard the please of the counselors and restored the money. The money comes directly from the casinos in the state, each of which pay $.01 for every $2 casino admission fee that is paid.

New Hampshire Gambling Bill Dies, While Delaware Eyes Sports Bets

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Lawmakers have been pretty clear of late as to how they feel towards allowing casino type gambling at state race tracks. The state House has killed two proposals within the past week alone. On Thursday, the Senate postponed a Bill that would bring slot machine type games to the tracks.

Democrat Lou D’Allesandro sponsored the Bill and was not pleased on Thursday when it was postponed. He is now questioning where the state is going to come up with much needed money to help the current budget deficit.

“There’s no question there is a need for revenue,” said DAllesandro, “We want economic recovery for our state. If you have a better way to solve this problem, please bring it forward.”

While New Hampshire lawmakers seem split on gambling expansion, the same cannot be said for Delaware. Their lawmakers are preparing to unveil a Bill next week that would legalize sports gambling. If approved, it would be the only state East of the Mississippi River where sports betting would be legal.

Governor Jack Markell is behind the Bill, and is claiming that there is already legalized gambling in the state, so it would be contradictory to not allow sports betting. There is a twist, however, in his proposal.

The betting that would be permitted involves parlay bets. That is when a person picks two games to bet on, and has to win both to win the bet. No wagering on single games will be allowed under the new law.

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